With innovative playing and a fresh new sound, HALENGRAY stormed onto the live scene back in Feb 2007 thrilling fans with their high octane shows.

EBEN HALE (BONDI CIGARS) is one of the handful of modern acoustic guitarists seeking to unlock the instruments full performance potential. He creates an amazing tapestry of sound, combining bass, rhythm and explosive soloing with all manner of percussive slapping techniques while somehow managing to underpin all this with rock solid foot percussion, (Did I mention he also sings).

ROB GRAY co-conspirator and best friend of 15 years, possesses a melodic and lyrical artistry that effortlessly transcends any perceived limitations of the blues harmonica. His cutting edge technique and powerfully dynamic approach to groove is the perfect foil for Eben and the two share an amazing musical empathy.

BILL TREDOUX started performing on Didgeridoo in the Australian outback at Ayres Rock at the tender age of 10. An outstanding traditional player, he is also heavily involved in the design, manufacture and evolution of his instrument. Bill started sitting in with HALENGRAY from their 1st show and has naturally evolved into a full time member. He provides a huge bottom end and the evocative and distinctly Australian Didgeridoo lends a dramatic element to the sound which is a big hit with the fans.

Debut EP "Rough Charm"

Rough Charm EP Cover


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Photos by JJK Photography